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Product Name:1-Octanol Molecular format:C8H18O CAS No:111-87-5 Product molecular structure:   Chemical Properties:: Octanol, an organic compound with molecular formula C8H18O and molecular weight 130.22800 , is a colorless transparent oily liquid with a strong oily odor and citrus scent.   Application: It is mainly used in the production of plasticizers, extractants, stabilizers, as solvents and intermediates for fragrances. In the field of plasticizers, octanol is generally referred to as 2-ethylhexanol, which is a megaton bulk raw material and is far more valuable in industry than n-octanol. Octanol itself is also used as a fragrance, blending rose, lily and other floral fragrances, and as a fragrance for soap. The product is China GB2760-86 provisions for the use of edible fragrances allowed. It is mainly used to formulate coconut, pineapple, peach, chocolate and citrus fragrances.

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