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Product Name:Benzene Molecular format:C6H6 CAS No:71-43-2 Product molecular structure: Benzene


Benzene is also converted to cyclohexane, which is used to produce nylon and synthetic fibers. Benzene occurs in coal and coal-tar distillationproducts and in petroleum products suchas gasoline. It is also found in the gases andleachates of landfills for industrial wastes,construction debris, and landscaping refuse(Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1989). Traceamounts of benzene, toluene, xylenes, andother volatile organics have been found inthe soils and groundwaters near many sanitarylandfills (U.S. EPA 1989a,b). Kramer(1989) has assessed the level of exposuresto benzene during removal, cleaning, pumping,and testing of underground gasoline storagetanks. The average human exposureswere 0.43–3.84 ppm (in 1.5–6 hours) and thehighest short-term (15–minute) exposure was9.14 ppm. Benzene also occurs in the tobaccosmoke (Hoffmann et al. 1989); thus the riskof its exposure may enhance from inhalingsuch smoke. Benzene is used as a solvent for waxes,resins, and oils; as a paint remover; as a diluentfor lacquers; in the manufacture of dyes,pharmaceuticals, varnishes, and linoleum;and as a raw material to produce a numberof organic compounds.


5. Delivery documentation The following documents are provided with each delivery: · Bill of Lading, CMR Waybill or other relevant transport document · Certificate of Analysis or Conformity (if required) · HSSE-related documentation in line with regulations · Customs documentation in line with regulations (if required)1. Security Safety is our top priority. In addition to providing customers with information about the safe and environmentally friendly use of our products, we are also committed to ensuring that the safety risks of employees and contractors are reduced to a reasonable and feasible minimum. Therefore, we require the customer to ensure that the appropriate unloading and storage safety standards are met before our delivery (please refer to the HSSE appendix in the general terms and conditions of sales below). Our HSSE experts can provide guidance on these standards.2. Delivery method Customers can order and deliver products from chemwin, or they can receive products from our manufacturing plant. The available modes of transport include truck, rail or multimodal transport (separate conditions apply). In the case of customer requirements, we can specify the requirements of barges or tankers and apply special safety/review standards and requirements.3. Minimum order quantity If you purchase products from our website, the minimum order quantity is 30 tons.4.Payment The standard payment method is direct deduction within 30 days from the invoice.Chemwin can provide a wide range of bulk hydrocarbons and chemical solvents for industrial customers. Before that, please read the following basic information about doing business with us: Benzene is a clear, volatile, colorless, highly flammable liquid with a pleasant, characteristic odor. It is an aromatic hydrocarbon that boils at 80.1 DC. Benzene is used as a solvent in many areas of industries, such as rubber and shoe manufacturing, and in the production of other important substances, such as styrene, phenol, and cyclohexane. It is essential in the manufacture of detergents, pesticides, solvents, and paint removers. It is present in fuels such as gasoline up to the level of 5%. Clear, colorless to light yellow watery liquid with an aromatic, musty, phenolics or gasoline-like odor. At 40 °C, an odor threshold concentration of 190 μg/L in air was determined by Young et al. (1996). An odor threshold of 4.68 ppmv was determined by Leonardos et al. (1969). A detection odor threshold concentration of 108 mg/m3 (34 ppmv) was reported by Punter (1983). The average least detectable odor threshold concentrations in water at 60 °C and in air at 40 °C were 0.072 and 0.5 mg/L, respectively.

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